Monstrous Me

Give it time they say,

And growth is always pain.

How do you know if it’s growth anyway?

When we crash in life,

It all feels the same.  

Searching for advice, 

But no suggestions fit.

Looking for signs,

But there are no stars for this.

The gods rip me apart for their master plan,

Growing pains just let me keep my heart.

This black cloud hovers all my nights & days,

The least it could do is show me the way.

The lesson is patience and self-restraint,

My angels make me wait.

Dear Universe! The air is cold,

And I can’t hold on more.

I’ve become afraid to wish,

The universe gives but takes away.

Magic & pain,

It’s hard to explain.

So I’ll let my emotions consume me,

Swallow me,

Until I become,

The monstrous me.

By Maroof

29 thoughts on “Monstrous Me

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  1. I’ve become afraid to wish…
    That is such a heartbreakingly resonating line for me. This whole poem touched me. Life has become tentative and apprehensive.
    It’s brilliant, though. You’re brilliant.

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  2. Hi,

    I love your poetry. You are obviously undergoing a Spiritual Awakening. I know because I have/ am going through it. I believe I can/ I want to help you better deal with these painful Awakening Symptoms. First know that you are not alone. You are here and undergoing this process for a reason. You have Soul Mission and we are here to save the world by pioneering the movement of Spiritual Awakening. I can help you discover your highest path and help you overcome these frequent and uncomfortable Awakening symptoms. I offer one on one intensive coaching. I do not force anyone to adopt my beliefs of practices. You are in control as its your life and your Soul Mission. Let me know if you are interested. I offer a great rate for those undergoing an Awakening. Its no accident you found my site. There are no coincidences with the Divine/ Universe. Keep up the great work.

    Love and Empathy,

    Dan McGinley RN BSN


  3. listen…

    I don’t comment much on other people’s stuff unless I have a eye for it but, If I had 3wishes it would be

    1. collaboration

    2. collaboration

    3. collaboration

    And I love that Tokyo Ghoul pick👍😎👌

    never stop writing ever!

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