Canvas of Visions

Imagination, a divine gift to unfold,

A universe where reality and dreams behold,

Where limits of the real world cannot hold,

A canvas for visions, magnificent and bold.

Knowledge, a treasure to acquire,

To solve the mysteries, we aspire,

But imagination takes us higher,

To a world where the one who talks about impossibilities is just a liar.

The artist, with pen and ink in hand,

Creates a symphony, a world so grand,

Without a pause, their mind expands,

With imagination, the endless fount at their command.

Imagination, it brings life to the page,

Beauty and wonder, in every age,

Piercing through mundane strife, a sage,

Letting us dream, a world without a cage.

With imagination, we spread our wings,

Our wildest desires take flight and sing,

All that we see, and all that we bring,

For imagination, it can do anything.

Let not the bounds of knowledge hold us down,

For imagination, it’s the key to the crown,

A gateway to places where we are renowned,

A beauty that forever will astound.

All that we dream, it is real,

In our hearts and minds, it is what we feel,

Imagination, it is the seal

That helps us create, love, and heal.

So let us not limit ourselves, let us dream,

Imagination is our superpower, a vital stream,

That takes us to places, unseen,

For imagination is where we find our esteem.

– Maroof

What about others?

Life’s most insistent and compelling question,

Resonates through every fibre of our being,

A divine call to act with love and compassion,

To serve others, and give life a deeper meaning.

It echoes like a song in our hearts,

Guiding us towards a higher mission,

To play a role in healing the world’s broken parts,

And to find our purpose in selfless submission.

For we are not alone on this earth,

We are all connected in a grand design,

Each one of us has inherent worth,

And a purpose to fulfil, divine.

When we ask ourselves this question,

We must search deep within our soul,

To find ways to make a connection,

And offer love, kindness, and a helping role.

We can give our time, our talents, and our treasure,

To those in need, in pain, and in despair,

We can lift them up and give them pleasure,

And show them that we genuinely care.

For life is not just about ourselves,

It is about the impact we make on others,

It is about leaving a legacy that tells,

Of a life well-lived, a life that matters.

So let us all rise to the occasion,

And answer this urgent call,

Let us serve with love and compassion,

And make a difference, big or small.

For in the end, it’s not what we’ve gained,

But what we’ve given, that will define,

The beauty of a life, well-arranged,

And the legacy we leave behind.

– Maroof

The Language of Red

In shades of Red, my heart does speak,

Of love and passion, that is pure and meek.

It’s a colour that holds immense power,

A symbol of emotions, that we all devour.

Paint me Red, the colour of passion,

Of love and romance, in its truest fashion.

With every brushstroke, my soul comes alive,

In hues that burn, and thrive.

It is the colour that makes my heart race,

A feeling that I cannot replace.

Red is the hue of a life well-lived,

Of taking chances and never giving in.

It’s the colour that paints the sky at dawn,

The colour that says “you can’t go wrong”.

Paint me Red, in tones that scream,

Of all the dreams I hope to redeem.

It’s a colour that’s bold and unafraid,

Of every hurdle that life has made.

In every shade, there is a different tone,

A colour that speaks, when words are unknown.

The shade of adventure, the thrill of the ride,

A feeling of freedom, with nothing to hide.

Paint me Red, in a hue that’s bold,

A colour that is fierce, and never grows old.

In every stroke, let it tell a tale,

Of a woman who is strong, and cannot fail.

For Red is the colour of sacrifice,

Of the battles fought, at any price.

It’s the colour of love, that’s deep and true,

Of a passion that burns, just like a flame should do.

So paint me Red, with colours that ignite,

An intense shade, full of might.

Let it tell the story of the woman that is me,

A spirit that is unbreakable, and always free.

– Maroof

My Pen, Your Legacy

In my words, I kept you alive

Through the power of my pen and my drive.

As a poetess, my heart beats with passion,

To preserve your essence and leave a lasting impression.

With each verse, I breathe life into your soul,

My words entwine with your spirit to make you whole.

I capture your essence, your hopes, and your fears,

Translating them into poetry that brings the world to tears.

I am the keeper of your memories,

The preserver of your legacy.

Through my words, you’ll live on,

Even when our physical presence is gone.

My pen flows with the ink of love,

The purest emotion from above.

I immortalise your essence through my prose,

A love letter that forever glows.

For as long as there is poetry,

Your spirit will remain.

In every verse, your memory sustained,

A love that will forever remain.

Let me be your poetess,

Your vessel for eternity.

For in my words, you’ll find a love,

That transcends space and time.

Darling, through my words, you will forever stay,

And that is the most precious gift I can give today.

– Maroof

Beyond the Mirror: Self-Discovery & Transformation

I gazed into the mirror, and what did I see?

Not defects or imperfections staring back at me,

But a beautiful soul, so full of light,

A soul worthy of love and delight.

For too long, I tried to please the world,

Hiding my true self, pretending to be unfurled,

But now I take pride in who I truly am,

With all my faults, as part of my charm.

Self-love is a journey, a path worth taking,

Leading to acceptance, growth, and awakening,

So I love myself fiercely, with all that I am,

For I am enough, just the way I am.

I cherish my body, mind, and soul,

Nurture my spirit, so it may never grow old,

Self-love is the foundation of a life that’s true,

And in loving myself, I find love in all that I do.

Embracing this journey with open arms,

Cherishing my self-love, as it protects me from harm,

For in loving myself, I found my way home,

My soul shines brighter than any star, so full-blown.

Looking in the mirror, I see a new view,

No longer bound by someone else’s review,

I love and accept myself, just as I am,

For I am exotic and beautifully grand.

No more trying to change or please,

In loving myself, I find inner peace,

My self-love radiates and empowers,

And I embrace my journey, moment by moment, hour by hour.

So I’ll continue on this path of self-love,

Guided by my intuition, heart, and spirit above,

For I am my priority, so worthy, and loved,

And in loving myself, I find endless abundance.

– Maroof

The Queen of the Skies

In the vast expanse of skies above,

She soared with grace and love.

Her wings were strong, her eyes were keen,

Her spirit free, her heart serene.

Like an eagle fierce and proud,

Her soul a symphony, clear and loud.

With every beat of her wings,

She sang the songs of ancient kings.

She soared above the world below,

A goddess born to rule and glow.

Her beauty shone with radiant light,

As she soared through the day and night.

Her feathers glistened in the sun,

Her eyes aglow like a fire begun.

Her talons sharp, her beak a knife,

She was the emblem of strength and life.

With each swoop, she reached new heights,

Her spirit unbroken, her soul alight.

She showed the world what it means to be,

A woman with the heart of an eagle, wild and free.

Her wingspan wide, her heart ablaze,

She soared with a grace that left all amazed.

She was the embodiment of power and grace,

A symbol of hope, a radiant face.

The world may try to clip her wings,

But she’ll rise again, for she knows no bounds or kings.

For she is the eagle, fierce and strong,

And her spirit will soar forever long.

She reigns in the skies like the eagle,

With courage and strength, and a heart of regal.

She spreads her wings and takes flight,

And soars above clouds, to new heights.

– Maroof

Indomitable Spirit

Her heart beats with a stubborn flame,

That refuses to be tamed.

Restless until it reaches its aim,

For her dreams, she’ll never be shamed.

A fire burns within her soul,

Guiding her towards her goal.

No one knows the depth of her longing,

But she keeps moving, never stopping.

For she is a woman of great substance,

A force to be reckoned with in every instance.

Her dreams are the fuel of her existence,

And her heart, priceless gift of persistence.

Her dreams are the essence of her being,

And she strives to make them come alive.

Her dreams may be wild, but they’re her own,

And she’ll chase them down, even if she’s alone.

No matter how much she has seen,

She still believes in the power of drive.

She learned the world’s harsh reality,

And how love can also leave you feeling empty.

But what truly breaks a heart,

Is taking away its fire, tearing it apart.

She won’t let that happen to her,

She will chase her dreams, with passion pure.

Her heart will never be broken,

As long as she has her dreams to hold on.

Her soulful heart will lead the way,

Through every hardship and trial.

Her iconic verses will forever stay,

A testament to her unbreakable style.

Through her words, she’ll pave the way,

For others to chase their dreams with a smile.

– Maroof

Cycles of Renewal

The Goddess’ life, a cycle of three,

Maiden, mother, crone, in unity.

From youth and chaos, I did grow,

And now I stand, ready to show.

But as I step forth into the next phase,

I feel a fear, a sense of unease.

I yearn to hold onto who I’ve been,

To keep my essence, my soul within.

Yet deep within my heart, I know

That growth requires us to let go,

To shed the old and embrace the new,

And become a version of ourselves, ever true.

I have left the stage, no more to play

The game of seeking false displays,

For in the silence, I find my strength,

And in solitude, I find my grace.

Submissive yet rebellious, a paradox of sorts,

Detached yet present in all my thoughts.

For I know that I am not the same

As those who came before, nor those who remain.

I am my own, unique and true,

In my world, I am born anew,

And with each step, I learn to see

Which battles to embrace and which to set free.

So let us dance, oh Goddess divine,

Through the cycles of life, a sacred design,

For in our journey, we find our soul,

And in our heart, we make our home.

– Maroof

A Sky Full of Secrets

In my heart, appreciation blooms in stages,

From falling stars to rainbow-clouded pages,

Creatures taking flight and orange moons in sight,

To my love, I say, “Just look at the sky tonight.”

Perplexed, he replied, “Why do you always keep staring at the sky?”

But I am in awe of the world up high,

To me, the world above is pure and bright,

A boundless canvas, a realm of endless delight.

He wonders at my fascination,

While I stare at the sky with elation.

In quiet stillness, I find contentment so rare,

As the world moves on, I find my solace in the air.

We speed at seventy-five, the sun starts to fade,

No fancy wine or city lights, just nature’s grand parade.

Gazing at stars that light up the night,

No words uttered, yet thoughts take flight.

With whispered words and gentle sighs,

Our hearts beat as one, under the starry skies.

I am a keeper of secrets, both yours and mine,

In this quietness, our hearts intertwine.

Unrevealing, yet a bond so true,

The beauty of this moment, forever anew.

– Maroof

Wild Wonder

She is a woman wild and free,

With a spirit fierce as the open sea.

Her heart beats to a different drum,

With a fire that cannot be undone.

No cage can hold her, no chain can bind,

Her restless soul, so pure and kind,

For she is meant to run, to roam the earth,

To find her purpose, her own true worth.

She will never be tamed, never be broken,

For her spirit is not meant to be token.

She will run free, with the wind in her hair,

With a heart that is wild, and a soul that dares.

And perhaps, just maybe, she will find

Someone whose spirit is just as unconfined,

Someone who will run beside her, free,

In a love that lasts, eternally.

For she is not meant to be kept,

Or told how to live, or how to step.

She is meant to roam, to find her way,

And in her freedom, find her place to stay.

So let her run, let her roam,

Let her find the place she calls home.

Let her dance with the stars, and sing with the moon,

Let her be free, to explore and to swoon,

For in her wildness, the world will see

A beauty that is timeless, wild and free.

– Maroof

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