Piece by piece,

He unraveled my inner peace.

And all of these vicious, sharp words I hold in,

Cut at my soul instead of his.

He cast me as the queen,

Of his messed-up fantasy.

want a man who can talk to me & really see,

Lately, the apathy has been killing me.

The fiery rage spread through my veins,

It feels like if I touched him, 

I could set him aflame.

You love me,

This is true.

But where do I come in,

The habitsroutines & addictions, 

That you’re attached to?

am the kindest kind of crazy,

My emotions eat me alive.

And my throat burned from all the fire,

I was too tender to speak.

I get discouraged,

Because he doesn’t understand me.

He say, he loves me beyond anything, 

Then how could he see tears running down my cheeks 

And still not believe?

I love him with the depth of,

My heart & soul.

I’m true to him,

My love is pure.

He belongs to everyone,

Except me.

Trying to connect with stone – Fixed

Doesn’t he want to feel alive?

He shuts me out at the worst times,

And I’m expected to give it time.

open my heart,

Outside his brick wall.

Cutting my hands & bleeding,

On the iron of his unbendable edges.

know he’ll hear me,

But never speak.

Darling! The center of my universe is you,

But the issue is that you’re yours too.

And in a weird place,

He just returned to me.

But I don’t know this time,

If he’ll stay or leave.

By Maroof

32 thoughts on “Obscurity

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  1. “And all of these viscous, sharp words I hold in,
    Cut at my soul instead of his.”
    Maroof… All of the heartfelt, emotive words you express cut at my soul along with yours. You are an amazing writer! I am impressed by you constantly. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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