There was a deep me,

geek me,

A peaceful me,

A dreadful me,

lover in me,

And some fire in me.

But I?

I am ready to grow.

My soul – 

And it’s crazy little adventures.

follow my heart,

And won’t apologize for it.

I’m an energy snob & not a snob,

There’s a difference.

Does it mean that I have scattered faith?

If I kept myself at a neutral place?

You know, just in case,

Don’t doubt what you don’t know.

I etched some dreams in stone,

Under this full moon.

Making thought magic under Orion,

The stars love my words,

And draw arrangements,

Forces of inspiration,

So these words will be created,

Stuck in solo ways.

There are changes coming soon.

I would sacrifice half of me to deal with the world,

If I have to.

I‘ve been through too much to not have a safety net.

Wrong, smart, or all of the above,

There’s always a plan B,

There’s always a plot twist in my stories.

understand intoxication,

You‘re free to say & do what you feel.

You just know a part of me,

I’m a universe full of mysteries.

Maybe my issue is I was raised,

With the promise of a fairy tale,

In a generation full of – 

Pride & walls.

But how do you fly freely 

In a bitter world?

The truth is,

I wasn’t used to this.

I never cared to speak about me,

I‘ll speak of the seas,

The stars in the skies,

Before I reveal what’s inside.

My soul?

It is a free bird.

So I should let her go up high,

Releasing my burdens,

One at a time.

Because I want to be free,

And I want to fly.

By Maroof

22 thoughts on “Mystery

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      1. The way you write is unique, like power balanced with respect, love and care balanced with a warning to your target. You give yourself, but only on your terms. I like it!

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  1. “My soul?
    It is a free bird.”
    Love that, so is mine. These two lines of your lovely poem perfectly connect with my friend Mario Savioni’s novel, Pickles and Tarts, the story of illusion-delusion, a relationship with two people so different in age, older Frank and younger Nicole. Frank also refers to women he is attracte to as “these innocent birds lookign for freedom”. I strongly recommend you and all your followers to read this. Mario is an excellent writer like you: “These innocent birds looking for freedom, you might think, eventually he went for it. Cheating girlfriends, angry spouses who wanted out, even someone needing a green card, all seemed damaged in some way, but he had never thought about it. As he got older, these affairs grew less and less, and the last time he made love to someone he was interested in and thus not sickened by, was about 13 years ago. His reaching Nicole and continuing their conversation, without of course meeting, seemed hopeful.”:

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