Cactus Blood

In depths of the valley of the soul

Where the stream of thoughts fiercely flows,

An untamed spirit magnificently roams.

She has never been 

The world’s most favorite girl. 

And neither did she aim

For being the dearest one.

They search for her in gardens 

Full of exquisite roses.

Barely do they know her,

For she belongs to rocky hillsides,

Throughout the desert,

In barren washes.

Don’t come closer,

For you’ll bleed.

Her flowers are prickles,

That you don’t desire.

Inside her veins,

Run the Cactus Blood.

She retains an aura, 

Of mystery and love.

So beautiful

And so full of spines.

Her language is that of

Thorns and spikes. 

She creates a beauty

Of another kind.

A sharp, piercing side of dreams 

Beyond the moonlight. 

Strong and fierce,

She knows how to survive the rough.

Powerful as the ocean,

All about gales and storms.

Crowned with flames, 

Under the tubercular sky,

She burns brighter than the sun.  

Just like Phoenix,

She’s burning to ignite.

Stars in her eyes, 

And an aspiration to soar.

She speaks to the moon, 

And crave passion, 

Lives with a heart 

That’s wide-open. 

She wears her heart 

On her sleeves too. 

Often told she’s a lot to take, 

But taming her spirit is something

No one is capable to do.

She is a gypsy, 

The wildest soul.

And the rare ones, 

Are not supposed to fit in a role.   

The finest things are always,

Stubborn, uncontrollable, and free.

Her chaotic being,

Is her deepest truth

A grand expression

And her highest love.

The essence of rebellion,

You cannot contain her.

She never regrets 

The most arduous paths she set.  


And yet nothing at all.


But still an empty soul.

She is Wilderness,

Engrossed in the spirit of a girl.


– By Maroof

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  1. Cactus blood, WOW! What a picture the title paints, and the verses, little sharp spikes against a tubercular sky. Arresting. Thanks for following my blog, SheLyon. Hope you have a beautiful day.

    Liked by 1 person

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