Fairy-tale Bliss

He is the dragon‘s blood,

The color of fathomless Fire,

Can’t be ruled over.

An enigmatic male,

He takes pride in all that’s part of his being.

Lives life like a king,

Boldly and lavishly.

Want nothing but the best,

That life has in it.

Never hesitate to boast,

Shows off all his prized possessions.

Everything has to be,

Larger than life.

Not superficial & shallow,

But a daring & fearless king.

So shall he be,

In his demeanor.

On the contrary.

She belongs to the lineage of mermaids,

All shades of wild Water.

Stronger than she appears,

Powerfully unrestrained.

An enchantress,

beautiful dream.

She is gentle,

A sensitive being.

Filled with love,

Selflessness & compassion.

Take pleasure in fulfilling the needs of others,

Rather than focusing on herself.

She has a savior’s mentality,

Believe in kindness,

But also knows how to combat. 

Lives in the world of dreams & fairy tales,

Believing in true love’s first kiss,

And a happily ever after.

Both nowhere close to each other,

In terms of attitude toward life.

Her aloofness makes men,

Leave the road leading towards her.

But a lion that he is,

Enjoy the challenges.

She’s to him,

Like catnip to a cat.

Her innocenceintelligence & the whole dreaminess,

In her demeanor enchants him instantly.

She’s also swept off by his charm,

His larger than life character.

He enjoys being praised & honored like a king,

And she does so out of pure love.

She loves talking about her dreams & fantasies,

While he shows her ways, those desires can be fulfilled.

He tends to get offended quickly,

Refusing to bend or adjust.

With her gentle and sweet talks & tactics,

She converts his roar into affectionate purrs.

She enjoys his smiles,

And the way he communicates.

He is stone fixed,

And she fits perfectly,

To the container, she’s poured in.

Both quite unpredictable in their natures,

But die-hard romantics.

Enjoy sunsets together,

Fill the void in the lives of one another.

They bring out the best in each other,

Like nobody else ever did.

They see the world in the same light, 

Of a newly risen sun,

The fiery king of the jungle,

Found his queen in an empress of deep seas.

A fairy-tale royal union,

Of the rulers of different mediums.


By Maroof

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