A soul – tremendously resilient,

Display of fireworks above this town.

The world shatters everyone,

But graciously your heart holds,

Its shattered pieces – close.

Darling! You are a poetry,

A beautifully concealed tragedy.

Two eyes glaring,

Like the sun giving out its fierce heat.

So young & ferocious,

A string of personal disasters.

As if within you,

Is a ball of burning fire.

Or underneath your skin,

The moon resides.

A spectrum of impossible colors,

Is spotted in your rainbow.

Walked the road,

Full of thorns & spikes.

A highway,

That leads to glory & might.

Mindful of the rocks you climbed,

To get to the end of the trail & rise.

The wars you fought,

And never spoke about.

Those silent screams,

No one could hear out.

Played your heartfelt melodies,

By edge of the roughest seas.

Your pain reshaped you – magnificently,

The most exquisite kind of agony.

For nothing can hold a recalcitrant mind,

From breaking the shackles & being set free.

The precious works of art,

A valuable antique.

The rarest wild flower exposed,

Verily you are a Primrose.

-By Maroof

24 thoughts on “Catastrophe

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      1. You are welcome and, yes, I really love your poetry. There is a much better poet than me, so talented like you, whom I strongly recommend you and all your followers. It is my friend Mario Savioni. These are some of my favorite poems:

        “A Dream”:

        “Reclusivity of Silence”:

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  1. The idea of being shaped by pain reminds me of a poem by the Australian poet Bruce Dawe, called Happiness is the Art of Being Broken. It doesn’t focus on how suffering fuels creativity but it does have a lot to say about how it builds resilience. You might enjoy it.

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