A soul – tremendously resilient,

Display of fireworks above the town.

The world shatters everyone,

But graciously your heart holds,

Its shattered pieces – close.

Darling! You are poetry,

A beautifully concealed tragedy.

Two eyes glaring,

Like the sun giving out its fierce heat.

So young & ferocious,

A string of personal disasters.

As if within you,

Is a ball of burning fire.

Or underneath your surface,

The moon dwells.

A spectrum of impossible colors,

Is spotted in your rainbow.

Walked the road,

Full of thorns & spikes.

A highway,

That leads to glory & might.

Mindful of the rocks you climbed,

To get to the end of the trail & rise.

The wars you fought,

And never spoke about.

Those silent screams,

No one could hear out.

Played your heartfelt melodies,

By the edge of the roughest seas.

Your pain reshaped you – magnificently,

The most exquisite kind of agony.

For nothing can hold a rebellious mind,

From breaking the shackles & being set free.

Precious works of art,

A valuable antique.

The rarest wildflower discovered,

Verily, you are a Desert Rose.

-By Maroof

24 thoughts on “Catastrophe

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      1. You are welcome and, yes, I really love your poetry. There is a much better poet than me, so talented like you, whom I strongly recommend you and all your followers. It is my friend Mario Savioni. These are some of my favorite poems:

        “A Dream”:

        “Reclusivity of Silence”:

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  1. The idea of being shaped by pain reminds me of a poem by the Australian poet Bruce Dawe, called Happiness is the Art of Being Broken. It doesn’t focus on how suffering fuels creativity but it does have a lot to say about how it builds resilience. You might enjoy it.

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