Tale of Fire & Water

Somewhere between the no man’s land,

The mysterious love story of fire & water began.

He will burn her, 

She knew.

She will drown him, 

He knew that too.

pairing that was not wise,

But it was hard for them to resist & realize.

Water over fire and fire’s downstream,

Fire under water and the outcome is steam.

Their ancestors have been rivals since forever,

They were crazy in love yet not so clever.

A combination that will evaporate, 

Into vapour & nothingness,

Were warned it was better to lock their hearts,

With a padlock of mercilessness.

They couldn’t be together,

Couldn’t stay away from each other.

Held by a magical bond that was indefinable,

They created their own little world that was unreliable.

Wrath of nature then came upon the two,

“You cannot blend together, 

No! That’s not my rule.

With a broken heart & shattered dreams,

They promised each other, 

Our love will out beam,

Reunited we will be.

But I will live inside your heart, 

Until you’re back with me.


 By Maroof

She Lion

Never did she imagine life could change so fast,

How daddy’s princess became a broken heart?

To the world filled with brutality, she was new,

Innocent as lamb, the attention of wolves she drew.

Disguised as companions were snakes all around,

Trusting blindly she thought she was safe and sound.

Finally, her beautiful dream ended,

A harsh reality of life she apprehended.

Torn into pieces by the ones she held dear,

Trying to ignore her vulnerability, 

Told herself things weren’t the way they appear.

Days passed by and the nights spent crying,

She’d fallen so hard, 

It was difficult to rise though she was trying.

Shouting & screaming & regretting her simplicity,

Would she step back into the world again? 

No, she didn’t have the capacity.

Eventually, the truth enlightened her soul, 

“World is a ruthless place, my baby doll”.

She wiped away the tears across her face,

And her scars become her new embrace.

With the heart of a warrior and strength of a thousand men,

She stepped into the bloodthirsty world again.

No, sweetheart! She’s not the same girl,

She’s not the one whose world you can twirl.

You brought the flames & you put her through hell,

She’d learnt to fight for herself.

She’d been thrown out, she’d been burnt,

Now, she brought thunder, 

She bought a hurricane.

She’s is a lioness awoken from her sleep,

Casting her furious roar & shaking the earth.

She’s a legend,

She’d set a new example,

Of how a little lamb turned into – 

A She-Lion.


– By Maroof 

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