My Pen, Your Legacy

In my words, I kept you alive

Through the power of my pen and my drive.

As a poetess, my heart beats with passion,

To preserve your essence and leave a lasting impression.

With each verse, I breathe life into your soul,

My words entwine with your spirit to make you whole.

I capture your essence, your hopes, and your fears,

Translating them into poetry that brings the world to tears.

I am the keeper of your memories,

The preserver of your legacy.

Through my words, you’ll live on,

Even when our physical presence is gone.

My pen flows with the ink of love,

The purest emotion from above.

I immortalise your essence through my prose,

A love letter that forever glows.

For as long as there is poetry,

Your spirit will remain.

In every verse, your memory sustained,

A love that will forever remain.

Let me be your poetess,

Your vessel for eternity.

For in my words, you’ll find a love,

That transcends space and time.

Darling, through my words, you will forever stay,

And that is the most precious gift I can give today.

– Maroof


4 thoughts on “My Pen, Your Legacy

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    1. As a fellow poet, I’m grateful to hear that my words have intrigued you. I’m humbled and hope that my work continues to inspire you. Thank you for taking the time to read and connect with my poetry ❤

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