Beyond the Mirror: Self-Discovery & Transformation

I gazed into the mirror, and what did I see?

Not defects or imperfections staring back at me,

But a beautiful soul, so full of light,

A soul worthy of love and delight.

For too long, I tried to please the world,

Hiding my true self, pretending to be unfurled,

But now I take pride in who I truly am,

With all my faults, as part of my charm.

Self-love is a journey, a path worth taking,

Leading to acceptance, growth, and awakening,

So I love myself fiercely, with all that I am,

For I am enough, just the way I am.

I cherish my body, mind, and soul,

Nurture my spirit, so it may never grow old,

Self-love is the foundation of a life that’s true,

And in loving myself, I find love in all that I do.

Embracing this journey with open arms,

Cherishing my self-love, as it protects me from harm,

For in loving myself, I found my way home,

My soul shines brighter than any star, so full-blown.

Looking in the mirror, I see a new view,

No longer bound by someone else’s review,

I love and accept myself, just as I am,

For I am exotic and beautifully grand.

No more trying to change or please,

In loving myself, I find inner peace,

My self-love radiates and empowers,

And I embrace my journey, moment by moment, hour by hour.

So I’ll continue on this path of self-love,

Guided by my intuition, heart, and spirit above,

For I am my priority, so worthy, and loved,

And in loving myself, I find endless abundance.

– Maroof


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