The Queen of the Skies

In the vast expanse of skies above,

She soared with grace and love.

Her wings were strong, her eyes were keen,

Her spirit free, her heart serene.

Like an eagle fierce and proud,

Her soul a symphony, clear and loud.

With every beat of her wings,

She sang the songs of ancient kings.

She soared above the world below,

A goddess born to rule and glow.

Her beauty shone with radiant light,

As she soared through the day and night.

Her feathers glistened in the sun,

Her eyes aglow like a fire begun.

Her talons sharp, her beak a knife,

She was the emblem of strength and life.

With each swoop, she reached new heights,

Her spirit unbroken, her soul alight.

She showed the world what it means to be,

A woman with the heart of an eagle, wild and free.

Her wingspan wide, her heart ablaze,

She soared with a grace that left all amazed.

She was the embodiment of power and grace,

A symbol of hope, a radiant face.

The world may try to clip her wings,

But she’ll rise again, for she knows no bounds or kings.

For she is the eagle, fierce and strong,

And her spirit will soar forever long.

She reigns in the skies like the eagle,

With courage and strength, and a heart of regal.

She spreads her wings and takes flight,

And soars above clouds, to new heights.

– Maroof


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