Indomitable Spirit

Her heart beats with a stubborn flame,

That refuses to be tamed.

Restless until it reaches its aim,

For her dreams, she’ll never be shamed.

A fire burns within her soul,

Guiding her towards her goal.

No one knows the depth of her longing,

But she keeps moving, never stopping.

For she is a woman of great substance,

A force to be reckoned with in every instance.

Her dreams are the fuel of her existence,

And her heart, priceless gift of persistence.

Her dreams are the essence of her being,

And she strives to make them come alive.

Her dreams may be wild, but they’re her own,

And she’ll chase them down, even if she’s alone.

No matter how much she has seen,

She still believes in the power of drive.

She learned the world’s harsh reality,

And how love can also leave you feeling empty.

But what truly breaks a heart,

Is taking away its fire, tearing it apart.

She won’t let that happen to her,

She will chase her dreams, with passion pure.

Her heart will never be broken,

As long as she has her dreams to hold on.

Her soulful heart will lead the way,

Through every hardship and trial.

Her iconic verses will forever stay,

A testament to her unbreakable style.

Through her words, she’ll pave the way,

For others to chase their dreams with a smile.

– Maroof


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    1. That’s a beautiful sentiment. It’s inspiring to see someone living authentically and trusting in love. It takes courage to lead with the essence of who we are, but it’s ultimately the most fulfilling way to live ❤

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