Distance and a fonder heart,

Missing a piece you fall apart.

Running in disorderliness,

Searching for an identical.

Life’s stress & love’s a struggle,

How am I going to make it?

I always do,

I’m just not always the same after.

Like a phoenix,

Inevitably I become new.

“A treacherous myth,

Or a beautiful reality?”

Person standing in the mirror asked me,

“What possibly are you?”

Volcanoes of my emotions never erupt,

The lava stays frozen in my mind.

Tornadoes of my feelings keep swirling inside,

The damage they does is never displayed outside.

Within me I hold,

Power of an entire universe.

I don’t burn with flames of fire,

My flames are all cold ice.

Dressed like snow,

Flawlessly cold,

I freeze and burn,

I burn better and colder.

You can not keep the chill away,

From the heart of Winter,

Until you’re worth melting for,

And the change of mind.

You would not have ever known,

That ice can take all shades of blue.

My stubborn heart has to argue,

With my obstinate mind,

Every time it wants to beat.

A walking talking paradox,

An eradicating variety.

Not a puzzle left to be solved,

Just can’t be devoured in one go.

To gain this magnificent demeanor,

I have evolved a thousand times.

In misery and ecstasy,

Both at the same time.

I am exotic – A pure enigma,

Of an untold story,

An undiscovered era.

My breaking is my becoming,

This truth keeps me alive.


– By Maroof

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  1. “My breaking is my becoming.” Wow! Loved this piece! Thank you for the follow on I Write Her. I’m glad you appreciate my work. Very impressed with yours, and look forward to reading more. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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