Shades of Aquatic

Much like god of seas-Poseidon,

I am bold & I am valiant.

This place is so unfamiliar,

As if I never belonged here.

I run all around the land,

Seeking for an identity. 

I feel like I live in a jungle,

But my home is a limitless sea.

I walk through woods pale olive green,

With a heart that is all shades of aquatic.

I think I must be a mermaid,

Wildness of waters run deep within me.

Untamed, majestic & free,

Like waters I have no boundaries.

I am not afraid of intensities,

Shallow is what haunts me.

These lands are all large detention centers,

But no one can restrain the Sea.

Need to explore its mysterious infinity,

A tonic of watery wild affinity.

It is life, 

And a way of life. 

It is hidden depths,

It is unconscious minds. 

It is hopes and dreams,

Fears and shadows.

It reflects deepest urges,

Of our senses & psyche.

It is the archetypal life,

Giver but can also take one.

It is dangerous and unpredictable, 

Powerful and fathomless.

It can be still, calm and serene,

It can be peaceful and embracing.

It’s can be dwelling place of monsters,

Or inside it you can find mystical creatures.

It can give access to unknown worlds,

There can be places of transformation.

It is a soul’s awakening,

It is a holy cleansing.

It is an irresistible force,

It will plunge through deep ravines and spread over.

I hear it roaring like enraged beast,

It’s calling over – no one can stop me.

A tiny drizzle today,

Tomorrow will be a Wild Sea.


– By Maroof

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  1. You have done a wonderful job of showing the depth and diversity of the sea and clarified why I love her so much for her openness, freedom. and the flow of possibility while also loving the forest for grounding stability.

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