Mortals always complained,

“She’s wild,

She can’t be tamed.”

They say I am not from,

Same place as the rest of them.

They call it being born wrong,

What I recognize as “Born strong.”

Every word I utter, to them

Is a Rebellion.

They live Merely to please,

But I can’t dance on their beats.

A soul not scared of being on her own,

Just like an Eagle, I don’t fly in flock.

I’d rather fight the current,

Than going with flow of society.

Wandering around like a gypsy,

Designer of my own destiny.

I am the stormy Sea,

Nobody retains me.

I’m vulnerable as all hearts are,

Yet savage & free,

And can handle a few scars.

Silence consistently baffles me,

The noise is how I breath.

Don’t tell me who I can be,

Cause’ this loud & messy version is the real me.

Woman with walls as high as mountains,

But love as deep as the ocean.

Protecting myself is in the reach of my arms,

I am a one-woman army.

I don’t consider them my rivals,

A fierce woman takes her own directions.

Yes, my life is a conquest,

It’s always me against me.

Who understands me well enough to define my Legacy?

No one else but I.

The wars I fought, most internal,

The ones I battled trying to fit in the world.

Those inner defeats and the victories,

Who else tasted but I.

Not that old cliché,

I am a rare type.

So far I’ve had no complaints,

Great spirits always encountered opposition,

From mediocre brains.


-By Maroof

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