To tame a fiery Beast

You may not speak with compassion,

But your resolution shows you felt it.

Gripped on to my composure,

Until I was all alone.

Then emerged all emotions,

I couldn’t hold onto anymore.

And there are times,

When I prefer,

No words spoken or heard,

But only me & my thoughts.

I guess we’re all difficult,

But I’m way worse.

I know we’re not always going,

To see deep within us.

I hope for just a minute,

You ponder what I say.

You are so hard to please,

But I still keep on trying.

It seems when the Full Moon is near,

Faces of the past try to roll back in,

With the tides,

But not this time, my dear.

The heaven & the hell,

Are both located in our heads.

You are too strong to show me,

A sign of weakness,

And that is your weakness, my love.

I love you,

Not for a reward.

But because,

I can’t help it.

To ease his soul,

Then I spoke,

“And love is as deadly to a woman,

As war is to a man.

But even if we fall through,

I got you, I promise.”

Maybe it took the tears of a Mermaid,

To tame a fiery Beast.


-By Maroof


9 thoughts on “To tame a fiery Beast

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  1. I love this! So many good lines! I kept coming back to this:
    The heaven & the hell,
    Are both located in our heads.
    Perfect! Those two lines have so many meanings.

    Liked by 1 person

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