Private with my problems,

People couldn’t understand this.

The problem with communicating is,

Fear of how it’ll be received.

It’s so much easier to smile,

Than to explain my frown.

Feeling disconnected,

From everything,

And everyone else,

But myself.

I’m fluent in my words,

A smart poetess.

At the stage between,

A Goddess of love,

And a wounded female warrior,

I made a wish for a most fulfilling love,

Then the universe brought me love for myself.

It took me this long to find me.

I’ve paid a huge price to earn,

The stubbornness that now I’ve learned.

I keep my heart locked away,

Holding out for something greater.

Maybe my demons are present, armed & ready,

To fight off the demons of others.

I reflect on everything,

And some consider this, 

A mind mayhem.

Maybe I had become so comfortable in my depth,

I became unreachable to those on shore.

I find myself when I’m distant from the world,

An extra ordinary mind,

Going through the mundane motions.

I found myself in a place,

Where society had prohibited,

I found this place within myself,

And no one goes there but me.

Before them,

With them,

After them,

I will be me.

Finally, I freed me.


-By Maroof

15 thoughts on “Emancipation

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  1. I understand what you mean, but there are those who will understand, Maroof. They will go to your depths, and raise you to their heights, and you and they will find beautiful harmony on the surface of the water.
    I loved this poem dearly, and your strength and a bit of loneliness shone through. 😍❤

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  2. Thanks for following my blog! I really like the line “It’s so much easier to smile/ Than to explain my frown.” As an introvert, I would rather work through my feelings with trusted friends than let the whole world in on how I am feeling.

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