He pushed and I waited,

Always out of my reach.

Fast forward 3 years,

The last person to laugh was me.

“Well do you love him?”

Then I thought.

Even if I did,

I wouldn’t say it.

His pride prevents him

From speaking love,

But it can’t stop his heart

From showing it.

I didn’t need words,

Just him.

I love his introverted tendencies,

The parts of him,

That he only shows to me.

Did I love him?

For being good to me.

He gifts me with smiles,

And considers my needs.

“Well do you love him?”


There’s nothing about him I would change.


He’s difficult but I understand his ways.

Passive ways,

From wisdom not weakness.

He tests my love endurance.

If I’m ecstatic,

If I’m dramatic,

If I’m enraged,

If I’m afraid,

Even if it’s broken I speak from the heart,

Try to hear me my love.


-By Maroof

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