My Throne

He sticks to an ambition on Earth,

And me on dreamy Seas.

He broke all my walls,

But I kept a hand on my armor,

Just in case.

To enter my space,

He must move at my pace,

Not a moment faster.

Eliminating him & his desire to drain me,

I cannot love without fire frequencies.

He only compliments my face,

I felt cheated because,

I’m much more than this.

He took notice of my perfections,

But could he learn to love my flaws?

Apologies with motives?

Or was he remorseful from the heart?

Spoke my heart with no regrets.

I’ll reveal,

If you reveal.

If you let me in,

I’ll help you heal.

I’ll keep it open,

If you open up to me.

I’ll be real with you,

I’ll ride for you.

But don’t push me,

I’ll give if love is enough.

Take a second to reflect on how,

Deep & far back our purpose goes.

Coaxing him,

To speak his soul.

The chaos I could find in him,

The passion I could create with him.

Let him know,

I’ m coming back for my throne. Β 

Let him know,

If he fits the crown,

Then we could rule the world.


-By Maroof

11 thoughts on “My Throne

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  1. The dreams and visions I have when I read your poetry… captivates and delights me! And the picture matches perfectly, that of a Mother Nature, a druidic princess, master of her domain – just as you are the master of yours. Brilliant as always. πŸ™‚

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