A Love Like This

He was a dare of,

Should I or shouldn’t I?

I was crazy about him,

But not crazy enough to say it.

“Let him protect you,

Take care of you”

They insist,

I resist.

What if he doesn’t do,

A good job of it?

They said “Be the glue that holds him together,

Learn how to keep a man faithful”

But I had no interest in,

Working to keep him interested.

Impressing people?

Well, I’m done with a life like this.

Would never let me lose myself,

In his face, kiss or arms.

He laid out a card,

His baritone urging me,

To gamble with a boss.

Reluctant with my hand,

All of my cards out.

This time I bet it all, 

And lost.

I couldn’t resist,

A love like this,

A love like his.

I knew it was love when,

I offered my heart & my sanity.

I knew it was love because,

I picture his face more than I saw mine.

I knew it was love when,

He made me love & hate time.

I knew it was love when,

I couldn’t hold back the words.

But every now & then you’ll meet someone,

Who opens your mystery.

The colorful pieces you hide,

Become vibrant in his light.

I’m convinced there is love in this air,

Everyone around me is breathing it.

He makes me question,

Every cynical fact I thought I knew.

He makes me feel beautiful,

In my vulnerable skin.

When there were no games,

We both won that time.


-By Maroof

21 thoughts on “A Love Like This

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  1. This one… my heart both ached and swelled for you, for your passion, winning him and losing him… you are so good with these images and emotions… Just, wow! 🙂 ❤


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