A poet & a lover

A poet & a lover,

With a pen & a paper.

Full moon mystery,

And firefly lights.


Soul confession.

Send me a sign,

Am I in the right direction?

Curing my blues,

And lows with a green high.

If I can’t have you near me,

I will write you in my nights.

In a zone,

Blowing smoke.

Through poetry,

Writing love notes.

The beautiful echos,

Subject only few knows.

Touching your skin,

Rhymes with my pen.

My hands speak more elegantly,

Then my lips ever can.

To be loved by a poet,

Is to be loved by the world.

Better than a random poem,

I painted you the universe.

My words never resonate,

With closed minds,

Or shallow souls.

My abstracts are unconformable.

My handwriting, mementos,

Tucked in pages, and a picture.

Love & tragedy are beautiful stories,

Until it’s your heart that’s bleeding on paper.


-By Maroof


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