You & Me

Always keep your words,

They mean everything to me.

Why ask what I want,

And then not fulfil?

Remember! I gave you, 

The option of free will.

understand me,

And that was enough.

So if  you understand this,

You know self-love.

The daily struggle,

The daily trip.

I won’t be, 

damsel in distress.

Play with all of my demons,

And I’ll love the ones in you.

But promise that through the chaos,

You’ll stay?

As I’ll stay too.

Quick! But I don’t chase,

So before you pull away,

Just know it won’t be the same.

A dreaded feeling all day about it,

And once your coldness hits me,

I couldn’t tell if I had predicted,

Or attracted it.

We are both sensitive,

Just in separate ways.

So maybe we aren’t that different,

Even though we don’t love the same.

respect what you don’t say,

And appreciate what you show.

Filling your space with love & light,

need it grown up.

No attention seeking,

No score for keeping,

No extras,

Just you & me.

You are so fixed,

My rock by the sea.

And I am the waves, 

Crashing & consuming.

A mermaid drifting,

And moving along the fluidity.

My truths seem to be stranger than fiction,

Might not be sweet to anyone but me.

By Maroof

15 thoughts on “You & Me

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  1. Yes. You don’t have to be me. Just be with me. You don’t have to live in my world. Just be in the world we make. You don’t have to follow my rules. Just allow me to follow them.

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