I’m the easiest soul to sail with,

So please don’t rock the boat.

Im a loving one,

I don’t care about friction,

But I‘ll fight for fairness.

Love wars,

I don’t want strategies.

Mind games,

I don’t want tragedies.

Keep it simple.

Peace on our piece of Earth.

Show love to someone who seems unlovable.

We’ve all carried a heavy heart,

But not all have been carried away in love.

If there is a heaven,

I’ve felt it.

And if there is a hell,

I’ve been there.

But if you know me,

You know how much I love.

And if I love you,

Know how far I‘ll go.

My soul‘s purpose?

To heal yours.

soul‘s –


hope the world, 

Do not change me.

Legend has it,

If a King & Goddess part,

With elements & cold hearts,

Then this will be the coldest winter of all.

believe in a divine power, 

That drives the Earth,

natural power that’s all around,

And most importantly within us.


By Maroof

16 thoughts on “Solicitous

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    1. It is a great literary device to feel us readers more included, trapped by the amazing strength of your words. All of your poems are like arrows in flames, crashing waves on the sea shore, fierce winds combing the earth. You are so incredibly talented. Every single word and verse touch my soul.

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