Moon & Stars

I do belong to you.

Far away,

But we flow.

Like the moon & stars, 

You know?

To my soul,

Every characteristic you’ve shown.

Every quality you own,

Those softer pieces that only I’ve known.

Maybe I don’t say the right things enough,

And maybe you don’t open up,

But I like “us”,

I know your soul.

When I picture a King,

I see powerful energy,

Strength & integrity,

You’re that to me.

My moon & stars

You know?

 By Maroof

11 thoughts on “Moon & Stars

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  1. i scrolled through the years, and it seems your writing has changed a lot. it feels a lot more mature! but the love that you used to feel is still very much present. it still feels sweet.
    and also, maybe the queen doesn’t deserve a king, but a peasant, who may have lived all his life, roaming amisdt the wilderness, yet oh it is him, who is destined to be the next king, unlike any other, that history may have witnessed. 🙂

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      1. Hope all is well on your side!
        Also, my email is Just text me a hi, whenever you’ve time and I shall share the idea that I’ve in mind and we will see how it goes from there! ^. ^


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