Heart Art

Maybe the universe is kind to you,

When you are kind to the world.

He is my rock,

My stability to come back to while I swim,

When I‘m away searching for answers.

I feel him more clearly now.

My old soul meets his new soul.

Let me show you the way.

So as long as there is love to give & take,

Everything between us will remain the same.

Be my protector,

But learn what I need protection from.

Catching eyes,

So I stay close by his side.

I know where I belong,

I‘ll let them know this too.

It is –

A Heart Art.

I couldn’t find his heart on his sleeve,

So I listen when he speaks.

Hoping for secrets or keys,

Clues for me.

My darling! Has anyone ever loved you like this?

I speak in riddles,

He speaks with harshness.

We get nowhere with words.

If I want to be with him,

have to sometimes be without him.


But then we come together.

I am too attached to this togetherness.

want to touch him.

With my affections & thoughts.

Be mindful of your mood,

Cause it affects mine too.

Will stay beside you always, I vow,

Honey! Am I allowed to love you now?


 – By Maroof


17 thoughts on “Heart Art

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      1. Dear Bella ur very kind, humble & very beautiful angel of the heaven. But please don’t call me sir. Feeling awkward. No one ever called m sir in my 22yrs of life. Just Kashyap 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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