Reverse Fairy Tale

Trying to tempt me?

But I am no fool.

It took me this lifetime to find him,

And he isn’t you.

Your smell isn’t his,

I’ve saved my breath for him.

Your eyes are not his eyes,

So I don’t want to see.

He force feeds me evil words,

Then stands by his impulsive ways.

If I dished that aggression,

He couldn’t stomach it the same.

He’ll never know how it feels,

Because I’ll never treat him this way.

wonder if he ever wanted me?

Even for just a minute or three.

Every cell of his appeals to me,

love him so deeply.

I soften him,

And he hardens me.

He is a wildfire,

am an emotional sea.

Powerful and deep on his solidity,

But he’ll never fall apart from me.

I’ve never chosen an easy path,

Neither did I love an easy person.

All I want is him and remorse,

I hope his pride won’t be a death of us.

I spoke what I could,

Until I hope he understood.

Spilling fears while he’s next to me,

I’m not used to vulnerability.

That one time,


It was he to open communication lines,

I was too overwhelmed to speak what was inside.

I wished for him,

I got him.

The love of my life, but there are conditions.

As I was wishing I don’t remember making any deals.

I let the tears fall,

Until they drifted me into a dream.

This Earth will still spin,

Sun and Moon will still shine,

choose to be happy in our whirlwind.

– By Maroof

13 thoughts on “Reverse Fairy Tale

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  1. Wow wow wow you leave me surprised every time I read something new to offer, I mean you can write on anything and everything so beautifully. Spellbinding. ❤ Every heart continues to beat at a state of rest until an enormous force of love acts upon it. Its beautifully penned – the way she describes how she will not let any other man take place of her beloved in her heart,the way she is describing him and how she is still happy in the chaotic love. This is heart-wrenching!
    Thank you for these beautiful poems. I hope I get to see more amazing stuff in future. Bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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